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FetchCFD offers the most accurate inhouse and online FEA solutions and tools that enable you to predict and solve the most complex structural mechanics problems.

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Structural Analysis | FEA Solutions

Structural Analysis

FetchCFD FEA tools allow you to perform simulations of structures subjected to both steady and time-dependent loads and displacements. Applications are diverse and range from heavy machinery, automotive, industrial and sports equipment to medical devices.

Modal Analysis | FEA Solutions

Modal Analysis

Model analysis simulations enable you to predict how your designs will respond to vibrations in cases such as bridges, buildings, spring mounts or engines, and harmonic and acoustic loads.

Thermal Analysis | FEA Solutions

Thermal Analysis

Thermal analysis is an important factor in designing products in domains like wearable electronics, Internet of Things, and other product designs where heat-generating electronic components are getting smaller and smaller every passing day. FetchCFD thermal solutions deliver highly accurate simulations including conduction, convection and radiation phenomena as well as power and thermal energy losses due to friction and other external factors.

Rigid Body Dynamics | FEA Solutions

Rigid Body Dynamics

Complex structures of interconnected parts, for instance manufacturing industry robotics, suspension parts of vehicles, and aircraft landing gears require simulations that are demanding and expensive both in time and computation. FetchCFD rigid dynamics solutions can deliver highly accurate solutions which are faster and more efficient.

HPC for FEA | FEA Solutions


Most of the engineering problems are complex in nature and demand large computational resources therefore parallel processing of FEA simulations can significantly reduce solution times from days to hours and even minutes. This enables you to evaluate and optimize designs fasters. Our high performance computing (HPC) solutions are flexible and scalable and at the same time economical.

Impact Analysis | FEA Solutions

Impact Analysis

With FetchCFD structural analysis tools you can predict the behavior of your products under harsh conditions such as collisions and high speed impact which can be responsible for short product life spans and liability related risks.

Fluid–Structure Interaction | FEA Solutions

Fluid–Structure Interaction

Traditional fluid flow simulation doesn’t take into account fluid–structure interactions, but in most cases it is no longer possible to ignore the interactions between fluids and the structures. When FSI happens, physical structure can deform due to fluid flow, which can change fluid flow. This can ultimately result in structural damage and suboptimal flow. FetchCFD FSI solutions enable your engineering team to optimize the behavior of complex processes with high accuracy. Reliable fluid–structure interface simulations can enable engineers to dig deeper and get a better picture of your product’s behavior.


Solve Complex Engineering Problems
No. 1 FEA tools and solutions for complex engineering problems.
Accurate FEA Tools
You can maximize your product’s performance and efficiency with best FEA solutions and tools. FetchCFD tools enable you to develop breakthrough capabilities in structural mechanics, modal and impact analysis.
Make Better Products Faster
With state-of-the-art automated meshing, the user experience, high-performance computing and post-processing you can radically accelerate your time to results without compromising accuracy.
Customized Solutions
Every problem is unique therefore FEA solutions must be tailor made to be able to solve that problem. We develop and provide custom FEA softwares and solutions based on your needs and area of expertise.
Tools For Every Budget
FetchCFD offers Finite Element Analysis simulation solutions and softwares for every budget.

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