Tesla Cybertruck Aerodynamic Analysis in 3D
by Atif Masood

Project Information


Cybertruck, an all-electric battery-powered pickup, is recently launched by Tesla and it has been talk of the town ever since especially the shape of the truck. I was wondering how the aerodynamics of Cybertruck will look like. Therefore in this simulation I have fetched this awesome CAD model of Cybertruck from GrabCAD by Nathan Allen (https://grabcad.com/library/tesla-cybertruck-1). I have cleaned and prepared the model for CFD study and then ran flow simulations on it. Air velocity is 30 m/s (updated) and turbulence model used is SST. Mesh consists of around 3.5 million elements. 6 Prism layers are used around car surface. Steady state simulations are performed using ANSYS CFX. Here are some initial results. I have uploaded (CFX/Fluent case) simulation file for download. More detailed report is also included (see below). For CAD model download check "Refetch of" below. If you find it interesting and helpful, please don't forget to hit like ❤️. Enjoy!

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