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Platform to publish, share, collaborate,
discover & download simulations also in 3D/VR/AR.

FetchCFD Community

Online community of over 37,000 engineers, professional designers, manufacturers, scientists and students.

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Intelligent platform with many features

AI-enabled assistance

Smart machine based interactive agent for providing information about simulation terms and methods. Start using it.

Effortless collaboration

FetchCFD offers real time project collaboration to the globally distributed design and engineering teams. No more time wasting on incompatible files or hassle extending the usage of simulation software across your organization.

Embed anywhere

Embed simulations on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, portfolios, blogs, forums or any website. You can also embed your simulations and designs in 3D on Twitter.

Private sharing

You can easily and securely showcase and share projects and designs also in 3D/AR/VR with your clients and customers in private mode.

Open simulation platform

Open-source or commercial, It doesn’t matter which software you use to create your simulations and designs. On FetchCFD you can publish them effortlessly even in 3D/AR/VR. Start publishing.

No installation. No maintenance

All you need is an internet connection to publish or view simulations and designs in 3D, virtual reality or augmented reality on a desktop, laptop or mobile. Join for free and get started.

Simulation library

Engineers, designers, manufacturers, researchers and students can maintain and update their simulations in one place to showcase it widely and efficiently.

Online AR & VR Viewer

Display simulations and 3D models out of the box in most browsers, tablets and smartphones in augmented reality and virtual reality. Find out more on AR, and VR.

Online 3D Model Viewer

Explore and visualize 3D models in your web browser with our free online solution. Supported file formats: obj, 3ds, stl, ply, gltf, glb, off, step, iges, brep, FCStd, 3dm, bim, dae, wrl, 3mf, ifc. Find out more on 3D.


You get to upload, download, explore, share, publish and collaborate for free up to a certain limit.