Performance of a Centrifugal Pump in OpenFOAM in 3D
by Krishnamurthy Viswanathan

Project Information


Steady-state CFD simulation of a Centrifugal Pump with MRFSimpleFoam in OpenFOAM. For this simulation, the CAD model of the pump was generated in FreeCAD. The pump model consists of an inlet region, impeller, and volute. Mesh was created for each region separately in Salome and then merged these meshes in OpenFOAM. In the Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) approach, the solver solves one set of governing equations for the stationary regions whereas, for the rotating regions, the governing equations contain an additional source term. The simulation was performed until the changes in the forces and moments from one iteration to the next became negligible. The pump characteristics such as head and power terms were calculated from the CFD results and compared with the empirical results.

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