Towel Radiator 3D Model in 3D
by Max Payne

Project Information


A towel radiator is a type of heating fixture commonly found in bathrooms. It combines the functionality of a towel rack with a heating element, providing warmth to the towels while also heating the surrounding space. It consists of a series of horizontal bars or panels that heat up when connected to the central heating system or an electric power source. The heated bars not only warm the towels, making them cozy and comfortable to use, but also help to dry them quickly, reducing moisture and unpleasant odors in the bathroom. Towel radiators come in various styles and sizes, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to enhance the overall comfort and design of a bathroom. CAD Model of Towel Radiator for simulation study. STL and IGS files are attached. source CAD model by Cihat BAL:

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