Ahmed Body in 3D
by Max Payne

Project Information


Ahmed body is a generic and simplified car model, first introduced by Ahmed et al. (1984) and is widely used by the automotive companies to study the dynamics and wake forces. These effects can be experienced in a verity of configurations. The Ahmed body is designed to have a flat roof with smooth-edged front end and a flat bottom section. It has an angled slant which primally acts as the rear window of a car and has a vertical base. 3D CAD model (STL and STP files) of the Ahmed Body is attached for doing CFD. Reference literature and dimensions: S.R. Ahmed, G. Ramm, Some Salient Features of the Time-Averaged Ground Vehicle Wake, SAE-Paper 840300, 1984. Original CAD model by Raaul David (https://grabcad.com/raaul.david-1)

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