Red Bull RB6 F1 Car 3D Model in 3D
by Alges Mann

Project Information


The Red Bull RB6 was a revolutionary Formula 1 car that dominated the 2010 season with its exceptional performance and groundbreaking design. Engineered by Adrian Newey, the RB6 boasted an aerodynamically efficient chassis coupled with a powerful Renault V8 engine, propelling Red Bull Racing to both the Constructors' and Drivers' Championships. Its distinctive shark fin engine cover and sleek design allowed for superior downforce and cornering capabilities, making it a formidable force on the track. The RB6's innovative features and relentless speed solidified its place in Formula 1 history as one of the most formidable and iconic cars to grace the sport. In this project rendering of the 3D model of Red Bull RB6 F1 Car has been done using Blender render software. I have attached GLB as well as STL files for download. Enjoy! Orignal 3D model is from Casacade Models (

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