Virtual Reality

Cutting-Edge VR for the Commercial and Industrial Market

With VR, experience a simulation/3D model of a prototype you’ve designed in virtual environment instead of real world—all before it’s built.

Simulations/3D models in VR online

On mobile:
- Use any WebGL-enabled mobile browser
- Click the VR button
- Place your mobile in Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR

On desktop:
- Use Firefox, Edge or Google Chrome
- Click the VR button
- Use your headset device to view in VR

FetchCFD Virtual Reality

Works on


Works with Firefox, Servo, and Supermedium on Windows. On macOS, use Firefox Nightly.

Oculus Rift/Oculus Go

Oculus Rift works with Firefox and Supermedium on Windows. Oculus Go works with Oculus Browser.

Google Cardboard/Daydream

Works best with Chrome on Android devices. May work in other browsers on Android and iOS, but might not be as smooth.

Windows Mixed Reality

Supported by Microsoft Edge on Windows. Firefox and Supermedium are also supported with SteamVR.

Samsung Gear VR

Works with Oculus Browser and Samsung Internet.


Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) in VR
by Max Payne View 💬 0  68  0  0

14/june 2016.

Space Shuttle Simulation with ANSYS CFX in VR
by Atif Masood View 💬 0  3372  3  61

02/june 2016.

Formula 1 race car in VR
by Atif Masood View 💬 1  3208  6  61

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