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Member Since: 11-08-2016

01/Oct.2016. MARCO LOSURDO

Ferrari Formula1 F399 Aerodynamics - Visualization in Augmented Reality
Ferrari Formula...

External Flow Dynamics of Ferrari F...


11/Oct.2016. MARCO LOSURDO

Temperature Distribution of the Department of Energy Systems (Technical University of Munich - TUM)
Temperature Dis...

Temperature contour of the Departme...


27/Jul.2017. MARCO LOSURDO

Vigo GP Formula 4 Racing Car (Tatuus-Abarth), CFD Visualization in Augmented Reality on the real scale car
Vigo GP Formula...

CFD Analysis in Augmented Reality o ...

CAD CFD Animations

13/Oct.2016. MARCO LOSURDO

CFD In Augmented Reality Tutorial
CFD In Augmente...

The Augmented/Mixed Reality is a te This tutorial explains what Augmented Reality is and how to successfully apply AR to Numerical Computing step by step....

CAD MESH CFD FEA Animations Codes

14/Jan.2017. MARCO LOSURDO

Augmented Reality Rendering on the real model of a transient (URANS) CFD Simulation of a BMW Z3
Augmented Reali...

This project is about the "in-situ"...

CFD Animations

16/Sep.2020. MARCO LOSURDO

Turbulent Combustion in High Rise Building
Turbulent Combu...

Turbulent Combustion in High Rise B Wind blowing at 10 km/hr from the east side of the city (behind the tallest building). Computational Fluid Dynamics run using the fireFOAM solver from OpenFOAM. The main goal of this work is to explore both the potentials and limits of Augmented Reality at night (severe low light conditions) on high aspect ratio objects. AR Rendering with Unity3D, CFD Rendering with Paraview, Blender and Gimp....


03/Jan.2021. MARCO LOSURDO

BMW X5 External Aerodynamics in Augmented Reality
BMW X5 External...

BMW X5 External Aerodynamics (Virtu CFD results are post-processed with Paraview and Blender and then uploaded into Unity3D. The enclosed CAD .stl and .obj is not mine, I downloaded it from:


01/Jul.2020. MARCO LOSURDO

Delorean "Back to the Future": OpenFOAM CFD analysis rendered in Augmented Reality
Delorean "Back ...

OpenFOAM (chtPimpleFoam) simulation STLs model of the car downloaded from Thingverse ( From Paraview, export files in .gltf format, then in Blender convert .gltf files in collada (.dae) or similarly .3ds/.obj. Simply upload .dae or .3ds files in Unity3D and follow some basic tutorial for AR. The OpenFOAM files include rotating wheels and sliding pavement syncronized with time dependent air velocity inlet conditiom. Variable time step and 0.2s as saving time. Constant acceleration 1 mph/s (just to make it easy to implement). To fully reach 88mph, the 0-88mph simulation runs for 91s, while for the 88-0mph it runs for 1s only and files are saved every 0.02s (just to reproduce some turbulence lasting effect)....


01/Oct.2016. MARCO LOSURDO

BMW Z3 External Fluid Dynamics - Augmented Reality Visualization
BMW Z3 External...

External Flow Dynamics using Star-C...


15/Jul.2017. MARCO LOSURDO

Particle Swirler Simulation in Augmented Reality
Particle Swirle...

1-way multi-phase Computational Flu...

CAD MESH CFD Animations

25/Jun.2018. MARCO LOSURDO

Giulietta Alfa Romeo: CFD Anylisys in Augmented Reality
Giulietta Alfa ...

This Project is about an Alfa Romeo The 3D CAD model had been downloaded from one of the several repositories of the Internet where 3D artists make their work available for download. Therefore, the CAD was not accurate and its dimensions not precise with respect to the real car. In the related video, one can see that using an image target that is too small compared to the main dimensions of the car may introduce a distorsion due to wrong perspective (i.e., parallax problem)....

CAD MESH CFD Animations

30/Jul.2018. MARCO LOSURDO

Fire & Smoke in Augmented Reality
Fire & Smoke in...

Fire and Smoke CFD simulation using Full Article available at:


11/Nov.2016. MARCO LOSURDO

Unsteady Flame in Augmented Reality
Unsteady Flame ...

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD),...

MESH CFD Animations

23/Mar.2021. MARCO LOSURDO

Indoor-Outdoor Domestic Heat Transfer
Indoor-Outdoor ...

Computational Fluid Dynamics Analys Augmented Reality can enhance information by overlaying 2D/3D content, supporting active optimization of all the design parameters involved....


18/Aug.2020. MARCO LOSURDO

Fire High Rise Building: CFD Fire Simulation of the Highlight Towers in Munich
Fire High Rise ...

Fire High Rise Building: CFD Fire S The CFD Simulation performed with Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) aims to enhance the potentials of Computational Fluid Dynamics to support Smart Fire Prevention. This work follows the development of previous works, based on the same strategy...

CAD MESH CFD Animations

09/Nov.2021. MARCO LOSURDO

AUDI Q7: Virtual Wind Tunnel at 90km/hr
AUDI Q7: Virtua...

CFD Simulation of an AUDI Q7 at 90k AUDI Q7 3D Artist (Original 3D File):


27/Oct.2020. MARCO LOSURDO

CFD Wind Analysis of the Valley of Assisi (Perugia, Italy) in Augmented Reality
CFD Wind Analys...

CFD Wind Analysis of the Valley of This works represents the first part of an ongoing project aiming of extending CFD and AR to support environmental impact of civil constructions and wildfire prevention....


28/Jul.2020. MARCO LOSURDO

Fire & Smoke in a real Metro Station
Fire & Smoke in...

LES CFD Analysis performed with Fir Smoke iso-sorfaces are displayed in Augmented Reality (Unity3D Game Engine and ARCore SDK) and overlayed on a real Metro Station. Software used: FreeCAD, Blender with the BlenderFDS Plug-in, Paraview, Gimp and Unity3D. Smart Device used for the AR Experience: Samsung S8+ with Android 9.0 The main focus of this work is to show the potential of Augmented Reality for Fire Prevention and Investigations. Transparency set at 0.6 shading from white to black mimics the real smoke visibility that may occur in a real fire event...


17/Nov.2020. MARCO LOSURDO

Domestic Fire & Smoke Indoor/Outdoor CFD Analysis in Augmented Reality
Domestic Fire &...

Fire & Smoke Indoor/Outdoor in Apar Smoke Iso-surfaces and Cross sections countoured with CO2 ppm concentration are displayed in Augmented Reality. This work aims to show the potential of AR and CFD Analysis in the area of Fire Prevention and Risk Analysis. In this project both OpenFOAM (fireFoam) and Fire Dynamics Simulation (FDS) files are uploaded. FDS Files are processed with BlenderFDS and Blender 2.79b...


28/Jul.2017. MARCO LOSURDO

Outdoor CFD Analysis of the Opera Theater in Augmented Reality
Outdoor CFD Ana...

This work is about a CFD anylysis o...


15/Sep.2021. MARCO LOSURDO

Indoor Air Conditioning (HVAC) CFD Analysis in Augmented Reality
Indoor Air Cond...

Indoor Air Conditioning (HVAC) CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of a commercial HVAC System. 7 min. physical time computed with OpenFOAM. CFD Post-Processing with Paraview, AR Processing in Unity3D and Google ARCore SDK. AR App compiled for Samsung S8+. The simulation is featured with Temperature ISO-Surfaces, Gliph Vectors and Velocity Cross-Sections...



Technical University of Delft, The Netherlands

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

04/01/2004 - 03/31/2008

Work Experience