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Domestic Fire & Smoke Indoor/Outdoor CFD Analysis in Augmented Reality
Snapshot - 6.png size: 1.47142 MB
Snapshot - 9.png size: 1.953259 MB
Snapshot - 11.png size: 1.617333 MB
Snapshot - 10.png size: 1.055636 MB
Snapshot - 12.png size: 1.584996 MB
Snapshot - 14.png size: 1.448063 MB
Snapshot - 13.png size: 1.205464 MB
Snapshot - 15.png size: 1.355698 MB
Snapshot - 17.png size: 1.334311 MB
Snapshot - 18.png size: 0.823901 MB
Snapshot - 16.png size: 1.371601 MB
Snapshot - 1.png size: 1.275707 MB
Snapshot - 2.png size: 1.373965 MB
Snapshot - 3.png size: 1.363381 MB
Snapshot - 5.png size: 2.373918 MB
Snapshot - 4.png size: 2.21284 MB
FetchCFD_fireFOAM_Apartment_SIM.rar size: 31.00906 MB
Home_Fire_OPEN_WINDOW.fds size: 2.923618 MB
Home_Fire.fds size: 1.803607 MB
Home_Flame_OPEN_WINDOW.blend size: 5.918364 MB
Home_Flame.blend size: 5.174236 MB
Home_Flame2.blend size: 6.727012 MB
BIM_IFC_Files.rar size: 0.031929 MB